DIY Project

DIY Project: Jimmy DiResta Hammer Rack

DIY Project: Hammer Rack Assembly

Pre-fabricated hammer racks can be expensive, limited in their design, and poorly crafted.  Try this DIY project from the DiResta shop. What better way to get what you want or need, then by making it yourself?

Jimmy DiResta works out of his own workshop in NYC. He uses some unusual materials to make functional products. Using an old AK-47 to create a guitar, chess pieces out of brass, daggers from files, ice picks, and custom work equipment. The finished products are beautiful, and the love and effort from DiResta is obvious.

This video covers making your own custom hammer rack!

DiResta starts by welding three pieces of pipe in a uniform length, and then cuts them with a band-saw into the depth he wants. This helps to ensure a consistent look across the rack. The diameter of the pipe you use should depend on the size of the hammers you have; you can always change it up across the rack.  Using the dremel tool to smooth the edges of the pipe will help to prevent wear and tear on your tools handles, and on your hands.

Remember to look up the correct voltage and gas settings for the materials you are using, this depends on the process you use as well.

These DIY projects take a little bit of time, but being proud of the work you do with your own hands is what welding is all about. Materials always have a decent price, and the welding community will always have helpful hints and tricks for you.

Check out the rest of Jimmy Diresta’s YouTube channel and his other platforms for sharing videos. He has a great imagination and attention to detail.

Make sure to measure twice, and cut once. Enjoy!