Outline of Arizona state.

    Arizona Welding Schools

    Here are a list of some of the Arizona welding training schools and career programs. You will notice that there are community colleges and technical schools both listed here. The type of welding program, its length and the certification options all vary from school to school. This list should be used as a starting point for your research to find a training program. Make sure you compare your choices and pick a school that will give you the tools you need to succeed. Some training is only good for amateur welders working at home while other training will prepare you for a career in welding.

    As there are a lot of welding schools and programs in the country, we may have missed a couple. Let us know if there is a program that you think should be added to the list!

    • Maricopa Skill Center

    Programs Offered: ARC Welder; Combination Welder; Flux-Core Welder; MIG Welder; and TIG Welder/TIG Fingertip Welder
    Website: http://www.maricopaskillcenter.com/programs/trades/welding
    Phone: (602) 238-4311
    Email: gaiser@gatewaycc.edu
    Address: 1245 E. Buckeye Road; Phoenix, Arizona 85034

    • Arizona Automotive Institute

    Programs Offered: Combination Welding
    Website: http://www.aai.edu/programs/combination-welding
    Phone: (888) 419-9440
    Address: 6829 N. 46th Ave; Glendale, Arizona 85301

    • Mesa Community College

    Programs Offered: Manufacturing Welding – Certificate of Completion; Associate in Applied Science in Welding; and Certificate of Completion in Welding
    Website: https://www.mesacc.edu/programs/welding-technology
    Phone: (480) 461-7135
    Email: robert.m.holmes@mesacc.edu
    Address: 1833 West Southern Ave; Mesa, Arizona 85202

    • Arizona Western College

    Programs Offered: Welding Entry Level 1; Welding Certificate of Proficiency GMAW FCAW Plate; Welding Certificate of Proficiency SMAW Plate; and Welding Technology
    Website: https://www.azwestern.edu/learning_services/degrees_and_certificates/PhPhone: (928) 344-7550
    Email: nicole.harral@azwestern.edu
    Address: 2020 S. Avenue 8E; Yuma, Arizona 85365

    • Pima Community College

    Programs OfferedL Welding and Fabrication
    Website: https://www.pima.edu/about-pima/index.html
    Phone: (520) 206-4700
    Email: agordon6@pima.edu
    Address: 4905 E. Broadway Blvd; Tucson, Arizona 85709

    • Central Arizona College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology A.A.S. Degree; Welding Certificate ; and Pipe Welding Certificate
    Website: http://www.centralaz.edu/home/academics/divisions_and_programs/engineering_technology_division/welding.htm
    Phone: (520) 494-5308
    Email: sandra.lascherzires@centralaz.edu
    Address: 8470 N. Overfield Road; Coolidge, Arizona 85128

    • Northland Pioneer College

    Programs Offered: Certificate of Applied Science in Welding
    Website: http://www.npc.edu/2015-16-wld_cas
    Phone: (800) 266-7845
    Address: 1001 W. Deuce of Clubs; Show Low, Arizona 85901

    • Cochise College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology – Associate of Applied Science; General Welding Technology – Certificate; Welding Technology – Certificate; Aerospace Thermal Fusion – Certificate; and Aerospace Welding Technology – Certificate
    Website: http://www.cochise.edu/about-cochise-college/
    Phone: (800) 966-7943
    Email: contact@cochise.edu
    Address: 4190 West Highway 80; Douglas, Arizona 85607

    • Coconino Community College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology
    Website: https://www.coconino.edu/list-of-course-descriptions/365-welding-technology-wld
    Phone: (928) 226-4323
    Email: advising@coconino.edu
    Address: 2800 S. Lone Tree Rd; Flagstaff, Arizona 86005

    • Eastern Arizona College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology Program
    Website: http://www.eac.edu/Academics/Programs_of_Study/Machineshop/
    Phone: (800) 678-3808
    Address: 615 N Stadium Avenue; Thatcher, Arizona 85552

    • Yavapai College

    Programs Offered: Welding Certificate
    Website: https://www.yc.edu/v5content/academics/divisions/ctec/welding.htm Phone: (928) 634-6527
    Email: heather.mulcaire@yc.edu
    Address: 1100 East Sheldon St; Prescott, Arizona 86301

    • East Valley Institute

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology
    Website: http://www.evit.com/cms/One.aspx?portalId=20222051&pageId=20598716
    Phone: (480) 461-4000
    Address: 1601 W Main St; Mesa, Arizona 85201

    • Mohave Community College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology Associate of Applied Science (AAS); Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Certificate; Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Certificate; Wire Feed (GMAW/FCAW) Welding Certificate; and Entry Level I Welder & Entry Level II Welder Certificate
    Website: http://www.mohave.edu/academics/certificates/welding/
    Phone: (928) 757-0878
    Address: 1971 Jagerson Avenue; Kingman, Arizona 86409

    • Scottsdale Community College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology
    Website: http://www.scottsdalecc.edu/
    Phone: (602) 787-7020
    Email: contact.us@domail.maricopa.edu
    Address: 2411 West 14th Street; Tempe, Arizona 85281