Outline of Colorado state.

    Colorado Welding Schools

    Here are a list of some of the Colorado welding training schools and career programs. You will notice that there are community colleges and technical schools both listed here. The type of welding program, its length and the certification options all vary from school to school. This list should be used as a starting point for your research to find a training program. Make sure you compare your choices and pick a school that will give you the tools you need to succeed. Some training is only good for amateur welders working at home while other training will prepare you for a career in welding.

    As there are a lot of welding schools and programs in the country, we may have missed a couple. Let us know if there is a program that you think should be added to the list!

    • Emily Griffith Technical College

    Programs Offered: Welding
    Website: http://www.emilygriffith.edu/welding
    Phone: (720) 423-4700
    Email: dss@emilygriffith.edu
    Address: 1860 Lincoln Street; Denver, Colorado 80203

    • Lincoln College of Technology

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology
    Website: http://www.lincolntech.edu/campus/denver-co/programs/welding-technology
    Phone: (800) 254-0547
    Address: 11194 E. 45th Avenue; Denver, Colorado 80239

    • Western Colorado Community College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology
    Website: http://www.coloradomesa.edu/wccc/programs/welding.html
    Phone: (970) 255-2600
    Email: wccc@coloradomesa.edu
    Address: 2508 Blichmann Avenue; Grand Junction, Colorado 81505

    • Aims Community College

    Programs Offered: Welding
    Website: http://www.aims.edu/academics/welding/
    Phone: (970) 339-6203
    Email: jeff.klein@aims.edu
    Address: 5401 West 20th Street; Greeley, Colorado 80364

    • Front Range Community College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology
    Website: https://www.frontrange.edu/programs-and-courses/academic-programs/welding-technology
    Phone: (970) 204-8621
    Email: Jason.Walsh@frontrange.edu
    Address: 4616 South Shields; Fort Collins, Colorado 80526

    • Pickens Technical College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology
    Website: http://www.pickenstech.org/programs/welding.aspx
    Phone: (303) 344-4910
    Email: jwoliver@aps.k12.co.us
    Address: 500 Airport Boulevard; Aurora, Colorado 80011

    • Pikes Peak Community College

    Programs Offered: Associate of Applied Science in Welding
    Website: https://apps.ppcc.edu/catalog/current/welding.htm
    Phone: (719) 502-3000
    Email: scott.mannering@ppcc.edu
    Address: 5675 S. Academy Blvd; Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

    • Pueblo Community College

    Programs Offered: Welding Technology (AAS, Certificate, or Mini-Certificates)
    Website: https://www.pueblocc.edu/Programs/Welding/
    Phone: (719) 549-3200
    Email: Jamie.Gage@pueblocc.edu
    Address: 900 W. Orman Ave; Pueblo, Colorado 81004

    • Community College of Denver

    Program Offered: Fabrication Welding
    Website: https://www.ccd.edu/program/fabrication-welding
    Phone: (303) 556-2487
    Email: Anthony.Rubino@ccd.edu
    Address: 1111 W. Colfax Avenue; Denver, Colorado 80204